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Some people are fortunate to live a life of luxury and fine art while others are grateful for the opportunity to call a very few sq ft bedroom their own. The social injustices that infiltrate our society bothered Lazer, founder, and CEO of Veta Construction from a young age and he couldn’t look away. It was then that he recognized his dream to do his part in transforming not only his own world, but the lives of the people that walked the same streets, picked up the same coffee from the same local bodega and who swung their children on the same swings at their local parks. This is why Veta Construction was born. Because we care about our cities, our communities and all the people that contribute to our special streets. Our mission is to structure, design and build each development in a way that doesn’t erase or change our cities but rather extends and amplifies the true diverse beauty that makes NYC beat with its signature tune.

As we grow, never allowing ourselves to deviate from our commitment to being of service to New York and New Yorkers has allowed us to lead the way in cutting down construction and development costs without compromising on quality and design. As we fire inflated developers, our rent can stay low. This remains both our greatest challenge and our greatest joy. What started off as Lazer’s dream quickly turned into a reality for many New York inhabitants. With many developments already complete and many underways, Veta Construction’s promise to make New York beautiful has already been realized. We offer the full spectrum of possibilities from affordable housing to luxury condominiums. Our mission drives us and our experience teaches us. This is why we are ready and excited to go bigger and farther. So long as there’s work to be done, we are here to do our part, one Veta project at a time.

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We had four staff, a handful of carpenters


We had four staff, a handful of carpenters


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